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Healthy Eating Menu Tips

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Healthy Eating Menu Tips

If you’re looking for the most effective, safe,  healthy eating menu plan to improve your health by losing unwanted fat and toning your body around a busy schedule, while also improving your personal relationship with that special someone, then I’m glad you found this website and I strongly suggest you keep reading.

Because this is my uncensored health improvement story.

The ups, the downs, what things didn’t work and finally the one thing that is helping me achieve my goals of reaching and maintaining my ideal weight, energy level and the way I look in my bathing suite (when I have time to wear it).

Over the years I’ve tried extreme diets that left me hungry all the time, bought expensive programs where I had to buy special meals, consumed supplements and spent too much time in the gym (when I did get there).

health improvement

I even thought of using pills to help but chose not to mainly because I do not like ingesting things that I really do not know what’s in them.

My struggles with losing weight and keeping it off ended after a friend recommended I try “The Diet Solution Program.” It is full of healthy eating tips and all kinds of healthy recipes.

I couldn’t believe how well it worked, how easy it is to follow and how cost effective it is. Here are a few of the key healthy eating tips I learned from the program.


A  healthy eating menu  for the road warrior includes:

  • Drink water (and occasional unsweetened tea or black coffee if desired)
  •  Eliminate white flour, refined salt, white sugar and dairy
  • Stop running to snack stands and quickie food places. Grab some fruits and nuts at the hotels breakfast buffet before dashing out or run into a local supermarket


Learn How To Remain Healthy

Now, I like sugar and cream in my coffee, enjoy bread and like pasta so it was a challenge for me to change this. But I did and it absolutely made me feel better pretty quickly.

I also never thought about going into a supermarket when on a business trip, but for those times when I cannot find another healthy option a visit to the produce and nut aisle is quick and easy and so much better than grabbing a bagel, donut or other pastry for a snack.

Stop eating so much bread
Even whole wheat bread is refined flour and a significant contributor to weight gain. Sadly, the healthiest eating plan does not include bread.

Fortified is bad

Your body cannot be tricked by food or drink that is fortified with a vitamin or mineral so you will not get any benefits. Eat real natural food to get the vitamins and minerals your body needs.

Yes, Buy Organic

. In fact when using correct portion sizes it was actually cheaper and best of all organic is so much healthier because:

  • No chemicals are used to grow the food (so you can take comfort knowing you are not ingesting them).
  • Organic produce has significantly more nutrients and less nitrates (toxin)

And stay away from animal products that contain antibiotics and growth hormones! It does a body no good to ingest this stuff.


If you must drink juice then Squeeze your own juice (better yet drink water)


The carbs found in juice are from sugar. Sugar is bad. The only juice you should be drinking should be freshly squeezed just before consumption. This is because all the vitamins and fiber are lost after bottling and storage. So drink it right away or not at all.

Fresh is Best even for Controlling Cholesterol

Another reason your healthy meals should consist of fresh fruits, veggies, lean animal protein, nuts, salmon, organic eggs, walnuts and sardines is to minimize inflammation of your arteries.

Inflammation causes tissue damage in arteries and one of the jobs of cholesterol is to patch up the damaged area which in turn  causes plaque build up.

To avoid inflammation we need to avoid foods that cause a rapid rise in blood insulin levels. This includes sugar, white bread, most dairy products, processed and packaged foods.

Reduce inflammation and reduce the amount of cholesterol build up in your arteries. We should not be trying to reduce cholesterol because it is essential for a healthy body in forming cell membranes. We need to reduce inflammation.


Energy deficits will not keep weight off

I used to believe that by eating less and working harder or more is the only way to really lose weight. I did lose weight but was always hungry and tired and ended up putting the pounds back on.

Turns out we need to control our hormone environment to effectively remove the last layer of fat and keep it off.    Hormones tell our body where to store the fat.

The only way to fight this is through targeted training for each of the areas.

There are a number of easy exercises that target each of those areas provided in the diet solution program.


Other Challenges I went through

The one thing I had to adjust to was buying healthier food and ordering healthier at restaurants. Turns out fat and carbs are not so bad but soy products; artificial sweeteners and diet drinks are not so good.

one issue I did have was with headaches and some digestive disturbance because my normal diet menu plan included more sugar, processed foods and caffeine than I should have had.

I guess this was part of the detox process because after the first week things settled down and I started feeling the benefits almost immediately.

I think this information alone is worth the price.


What else makes this program any different than all the rest?

  • Completely different, proven approach to nutrition
  • Step by step action steps telling you exactly how to put the principles in place
  • Detailed daily meal plans that make everyday eating easy
  • Shopping Lists to make food shopping a snap
  • Delicious all natural recipes to make everyday meals tasty


The manual is comprehensive,

Jam-packed with incredible and valuable information. I just implemented the Quick Start Guide” and lost 17 pounds in 6 weeks and never felt better. For the first time I’m looking forward to visiting my doctor so I can better quanitfy all the benefits of a healthy eating menu.

I think having  healthy eating habits  (not a diet) is most important to having an all around healthy body.

I truly believe I FINALLY  have this under control.  My next steps are to get more active and get better control of those hormones! Wish me luck with this…


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