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Health Research & Information Blog Protect Blood Flow to the Brain and Keep Your Memory Sharp

Health Research & Information Blog Protect Blood Flow to the Brain and Keep Your Memory Sharp
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Health Research & Information Blog Protect Blood Flow to the Brain and Keep Your Memory Sharp

10 Ways to Keep Your Mind Sharp | Live Science

Is you always misplacing things (like your keys), or forgetting what is originally prompted you to walk from one room into another? Forgetfulness and lack of focus can occur for any of a number of reasons, including: stress, diet, lack of sleep, medications, and hormone imbalances. In fact they can also be a symptom of something more serious called vascular dementia, the term for impaired blood flow to the brain.[1]

“Vascular dementia” is an overall term used to portray issues with thinking, arranging, judgment, memory and other thought processes. When they are caused by decreased cerebral blood flow. Which in fact which addition, medical researchers have observed that the risk factors for vascular dementia are the same as those for heart disease and stroke, and symptoms are more likely to manifest after the age of 65. [2]

In fact as the second most common form of dementia in the U.S. and Europe[1], vascular dementia is a widespread condition among older adults. In which the search for strategies to prevent and reverse vascular dementia, the ancient Chinese herb, Huperzia serrata, has been studied extensively.

 Brain Function

Huperzine A Improves Brain Function within 8 Weeks
Clinical trials have shown that Huperzine A, derived from Huperzia serrata, significantly relieves memory problems, including forgetfulness, Alzheimer’s disease and vascular dementia.[1] In fact, numerous studies have concluded that Huperzine A:

Is Strengthens the ability of brain cells to communicate with each other, and
markedly improves mental fuction in those with vascular dementia.[1]
More recently, an exciting 2012 study showed vascular dementia patients improving significantly after only 8 weeks in several areas of brain function, including:

visual spatial abilities.
InFact addition, Huperzine A was well-tolerate by patients, with no side effects.[3]

Combine 3 Plant-Based Supplements to Stay Mentally Sharp
An even more target strategy for using Huperzine A for brain health is combine it with other well-research herbal ingredients shown to increase blood flow to the brain. [4,5]

In Fact a unique herbal formulation called MemoryWise has been formulate to combine the actions of three powerful. Plant-base nutrients: Huperzine A, Vinpocetine, and Ginkgo biloba extract. Combining these three herbal ingredients lets you easily benefit from ALL their individual actions, giving you the target support you need to protect and sharpen brain function.

Which research with Vinpocetine (derived from the plant constituent vincamine) has demonstrated that is it significantly improves both brain function and quality of life for patients with chronically reduced cerebral blood flow.[6]

Ginkgo biloba extract, proven in numerous studies which increase blood flow to the brain, may offer significant protection against the development of vascular dementia, along with various other “side effects” of aging.[7]

Brain Health


In fact studies indicate that the benefits of using all three supplements in the potencies found in MemoryWise include:

In fact strengthening the ability of brain cells to communicate more effectively with each other;
increasing brain energy, and
maintaining proper brain blood flow. [4,5,6,7,8]
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NOTICE: In fact the data in this is plan for instructive purposes as it were. It is not intend to diagnose, prescribe, treat or prevent any disease or endorse any brand or product. For clinical guidance counsel a medical services proficient

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