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Whiplash Compensation Claims – How To Go About It

Whiplash Compensation Claims – How To Go About It
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Whiplash Compensation Claims – How To Go About It


An injury to the cervical spine which occurs due to the sudden jerk motion of the head ether forward or backward is called Whiplash injury. This type of injury causes the sufferers prolonged pain in neck and the surrounding areas. The injured person is unable to perform the daily tasks such as long sitting in office. Driving a car or sometimes even traveling becomes very difficult. Many people do not consider this as a serious injury which causes bad effects in long-term and gets worst as time passes. This must be taken care and must be treat well in time. There is a process to claim for whiplash injury.

whiplash injury symptoms

The symptoms of whiplash injury start to show within seconds to day after it has occurred. The symptoms include pain in neck and stiffness, shoulders, back and surrounding areas. Below mention steps must be take to take care of the patient:

* You must report to the doctor or health practitioner and let him examine the severity of the injury. He is able to diagnose if medical help is require or not.

* In order to claim for the whiplash compensation clams. A solicitor must be hired who has the knowledge about the procedure and is able to help you. This is because of the reason that claiming for whiplash compensation may be little difficult for the common man as there are legality involved in the process. Some solicitors do not charge anything to claim the compensation.

* The solicitor must be provided all the information about the details of the accident so that he is able to file for the claim in the court

* A short statement must be provide to the solicitor detailing the accident. And the injury has happened along with the details of witnesses if any so that he is able to contact them and gather necessary information. The victim also files a police complaint in case he wants to claim for the compensation.

* After all the documents and information are in place, the solicitor contacts the driver of the other vehicle who was actually driving the car when the accident has happened and asks him to contact his insurance company. The minimum time to investigate the claim is for three months for his insurance company.

* A thorough medical checkup and reports are to be produce by the victim in case he has multiple injuries which must include the schedule for the treatment and this must be submit with the solicitor so that he is able to get the claim.

* After all this process is complete, the solicitor is able to make the report on the losses and expenses. Which you have incurred due to the injury caused to the victim. And submit the same to the insurance company of the other a party. After this strategy is finish, the casualty can get the pay.

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