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How the Enzyme was born
Epicuren Skin ProductsA medically-based discovery, Epicuren is also the most important advance in skin regeneration ever made. After 25 years also Research & Development, Epicuren released a unique, medically based enzyme into the professional skin care community. Cosmetic chemists from the Nobel Conglomerate, a think-tank composed of Nobel Prize winners and nominees, originally discovered the Epicuren Enzyme in medical burn treatment labs nearly 30 years ago. This world-renowned group looked to ageless skin cells in the human mouth to learn how to repair burned skin. These chemists discovered high levels of a unique enzyme directly correlates to the production of ageless skin cells. Epicuren, refining this enzyme science, now creates ageless skin cells on the human face.



Epicuren Skin ProductsWhen applied topically, Epicuren Enzymes is rapidly improve the metabolism and cellular memory of dermal cells. This is highly active enzyme reprograms skin cells to use more energy, thereby rejuvenating themselves without incurring sun sensitivity, flaking, irritation or latent damage. Vanguard consumers are utilize these distinct enzymes to lift, tighten and firm facial skin and to reduce pore size, increase textural clarity and balance pigment tones.

In Fact aging is also caused by the slowing down of cellular activity. The scientifically obvious way to combat the ravages of aging is to reverse this slowing down process. To do this we need enzymes to replace the ones that are lost due to aging. Which also the Epicuren product is also introduce and healthy cells begin growing, it takes food and oxygen are from the blood to sustain it. The cells have been starved and are greedy. We shed a face every 28-32 days. New cells become healthy and rejuvenated.

When the Enzyme Benefits

In fact epicuren Skin ProductsOnce there are healthy cells to copy, the skin is reverses the aging by speeding up cellular activity and returning its youthful health and glow. Although it brings about a noticeable cosmetic improvement, the Epicuren System is far more than a cosmetic.InFact it is intend to advance all out skin wellbeing just as to improve its appearance. InFact it is the most effective skin treatment with which dermatologists are acquainted today – a scientifically – proven system that can help make a definite improvement in the appearance of your skin and is completely guaranteed.

Treatements Include:

Classic Epicurean Rejuvenating Treatment
Three classic layers of enzymes masks improving elasticy of the skin triggering collagen production and given you glowing firmer looking skin.

Duration Duration: 30 minutes.

Epicurean Breast Lift Treatment
Special deep exfoliation for chest and breast skin area followed by customized composition of the appropriate concentration of masks (three layers). Ending with motivated progesterone cream applying.

Duration Duration: 1 hour.

Microdermabrasion Machine w/Epicurean Treatment
Double benefits from combining microdermabrasion treatment with the epicurean classic treatment.

Duration Duration: 1 hour.

Which Especially designed for the mature, dry, sensitive skin. The highest concentration of the enzyme mask are applying on the deep exfoliated skin is with appropriate peeling system. Based on the heeling power of the vibration of moxa and silver needles rebalancing female hormonal energy.

Duration Duration:1, 1/2 hours.


Epicurean Essential Deep Cleanse Acne Treatment
Especially designed for problematic, sensitive, acne prone skin. Deep exfoliation with appropriate sensitive scrub system is using the application of a highly fermentated Chai Soy Mud mask. Which also Following by appropriate light anti-acne moisturizing.

Duration Duration: 1 hour.

Microdermabrasion Machine Classic skin care Treatment
Which process of deep exfoliation is with jet stream of crystals, which is also delivere through a closed loop vacuum system onto the skin’s surface. In Fact this is stimulate the blood circulation to the epidermis layer to enhance a healthier skin environment. Which Highly beneficial for clients with sun damaged skin, after acne scars, fines wrinkled skin, oily problematic skin, and the healthiest substitute for highly sensitive skin. In Fact which is not be treate with chemical peels. In Fact The process is following with healing organic are seaweed mask and appropriate moisture.

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